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I think your ability to understand the technical job requirements, cultural, and professional requirements for engineering / technical / product executives, and to identify and attract appropriate candidates is extraordinary. You have shown me candidates who are truly great fits, and who are not the “usual suspects” that most other recruiters shuffle around."


Sangeeta has done an incredible job for me while at LinkedIn. I set the bar very very high on my hires and she's been able to deliver constantly with incredible energy and dedication. If I get to start another company she will be without doubt the recruiter I will want on board day one! Highly recommended."

— Jean-Luc Vaillant,  Cto and co-founder @ Linkedin

In my experience with Sangeeta at Coursera, she was a great recruiter with an uncanny knack for identifying and sourcing talent! Her impact in helping build out a great team at Coursera was tremendous, and her general startup experience was invaluable in helping guide the company in the early stages of its development."

—Chuong (Tom) Do, Head of data @ udemy