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Our Approach

Pitch Perfect

Your business is our business. We take time to understand your vision and perfect our pitch.

Trusted Advisors

We are your most trusted advisors. 
We meet all key stakeholders in the search, help uncover your blind spots, and mitigate risks early.

Diversity Forward

Our founder Sangeeta Narayan was a software engineering lead and has a personal passion for helping close the gender gap at the top.

Laser Focus

We focus on your success not our bottomline. We intentionally do fewer searches to ensure each client gets the attention they need. 

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Sangeeta is amazing at what she does. For us, she re-tooled and optimized our recruiting process, helped us to double the size of our engineering team, and met or exceeded every goal we gave her. Amazingly, she did all of this remotely, with only occasional on-site visits. I cannot recommend her highly enough, especially for startups looking to ramp up the team quickly."

— Jeffrey Wescott, CTO & Head of Product @ CHANGE.ORG

Sangeeta is a meticulous and driven recruiter whose dedication to finding the perfect applicant transcends any and all perceived limitations. Simply put, she always gets the job done. I would work with Sangeeta and utilize her services in a heartbeat."

— Javier Salom, Co-Founder & CEO @ Impaktu

Sangeeta helped me find my path to Coursera and was a great champion for our company, quickly helping us expand our talent pool from 40 to double the size in only one year!"

— Yin Lu, VP of International @ Khan Academy

Within the space of just a few weeks, Sangeeta recruited almost 20 new hires for LinkedIn. This is quite an accomplishment given how high the bar is at our company. Sangeeta seems to know everyone at the most prestigious technology companies, including their key engineers and high level executives. She has an unerring sense for matchmaking and is a pleasure to work with. Forget the rest, Sangeeta is the best!"

— Minna King, VP International @ Nextdoor

In my interactions with Sangeeta, I found her to be extremely competent, professional, responsive, and personable. Her thinking is very logical and results-oriented, and she posesses great people skills. She is very easy to get to know, and like. I highly recommend her for jobs that involve interacting with people. She will create a wonderful and lasting impression of your company on clients."

— Rajeev Rastogi, Director of Machine Learning @ Amazon